We are called to be a Christ-centered, caring, mission-focused people who communicate the Good News of the Gospel. We endeavour, by God’s grace, to live out this vision by:

- Worshipping God through praise, prayer, and instruction so that Jesus Christ may be central in our lives.

- Showing Christ-like love toward one another as members of God’s family that we might know we belong to a supportive, Christian community.

- Sharing the Good News of the Gospel in word and deed for the purpose of drawing men, women, and children to come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and to follow Him as their Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit within the fellowship of believers.

A Brief History of First Presbyterian Church:

- March 12th, 1862 - Rev. Robert Jamieson arrived to form 'New Westminster Presbyterian Church

- 1864 - St. Andrew's Church was established

- 1891 - West End Church was established (Rev. W.G. Mills)

- 1903 - The church moved to its present location at 7th Street & 4th Avenue

- 1909 - Church name changed to St. Stephen's

- St. Stephen's voted to remain Presbyterian

- 1925 - St. Andrew's remained Presbyterian by a 175 to 171 vote and continued until 1948

- 1948 - Joined with St. Andrew's to for St. Andrew's and St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church

- 1955 - March 13th they renamed the congregation FIRST Presbyterian Church and the new (present) sanctuary was completed and dedicated to the glory of God. FPC reached its peak membership in 1971 (768)

- 2012 - A special celebration took place on March 13th to mark FPC's 150th Anniversary