About Us



    Rev. Gabriel Snyman, is the Resident Pastor of City Central church in Surrey, BC. He is available for us to talk on the phone for any questions or concerns.

    Phone #: 587-919-5077
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    Story of First Church

    First Presbyterian Church started as New Westminster Presbyterian Church in 1862, meeting in the courthouse, then became St. Andrew’s. There were many transitions over the years which included several name changes, but by 1955, it became known as the First Presbyterian Church and the Sanctuary that we worship in today was completed.

    First Presbyterian Church invites people from every walk of life, from every ethnic background to gather as a community of people, centred on the person of Jesus Christ. We recognize that at no other time in the history of humankind, people are starving for fellowship, an authentic community, a safe place to be. A place where we can together draw close to God: who created each of us in his image, to worship Him, and grow together.

    Our Mission Statement is simple: "to worship God with all our hearts and minds: reaching people and growing them into Christ-like maturity: equipping people to minister in the church: preparing people to be living witnesses in the world."
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    - To worship God with all of our hearts and minds.

    - To reach and grow people in Christ-like maturity.

    - To equip people to be living witnesses in our culture.

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    - To develop a worship celebration which is both traditional and contemporary, that engages both mind and heart.

    - To see people who are far from God, encounter the living Christ.

    - To become a community of believers who desire to grow in God’s Word.

    - To visualize a church which develops people’s spiritual gifts in order to serve the church community.
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    What We Believe

    - We believe in the historic expression of the Christian faith: that the living God has revealed himself to humankind as a caring, kind and merciful Father, as a saving, redeeming Son, and as an ever-present, indwelling Holy Spirit.

    - We believe that the Bible alone witnesses to God’s gracious embrace of lost and sinful humanity; that Jesus Christ alone, God in human flesh, fully declares and demonstrates God’s forgiveness of sins in his once and for all sacrificial death upon the cross.

    - We believe that the Holy Spirit alone convicts people of sin and converts us to a new life and lifestyle.

    - We believe that Jesus Christ physically rose from the dead, thereby confirming that he is alive and among us today, and promises that those who trust in him, those who accept him as Savior and Lord, will share his resurrection life, now and forever.

    - We believe that Christian believers are called to mutual forgiveness and to work for reconciling peace in the church and in the world.

    - We believe that Christians are called to share Christ’s life and love with others and to work for justice and healing in the church and in the world.

    - We believe that Christians are called to study the scriptures together, to share communion together, to bear one another burdens and to show hospitality to all.